At Cypress View Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide complete care for your pet.  To us that means care after an injury, surgery or the side effects of aging in order to give your pet the best chance of recovery and improved comfort.  Canine and feline rehabilitation works towards increased flexibility, strength, and comfort.  We have seen quicker surgery recoveries, increased strength, increased range of motion and all around improved quality of life in our rehabilitation patients.

When you and your pet come to us for rehabilitation you will begin with a full body assessment by your certified rehabilitation therapist and a certified rehabilitation technologist, at that time a treatment plan that works for your pet and you will be determined.  Follow up appointments are booked based on your pets specific needs.  During your pets visits with us we take time to assess how the treatments are working, as well as providing exercises for you to complete at home.

During your appointments we may complete a variety of treatments on your pet such as :

Manual stretching and hands on therapy
Electric Muscle Stimulation
Land Treadmill
Massage Techniques
and many more.
Class IV MLS Laser Therapy (For further information on how therapeutic laser works CLICK HERE)

Rehabilitation is proving to be a great tool in improving the quality of life for both our canine and feline friends.   If you are wondering if your pet could benefit from a rehabilitation consult contact us today.


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