The highly skilled staff at Cypress View Vet Clinic is fully equipped to provide your pet with the highest quality of veterinary service available.  We offer a full range of comprehensive veterinary services including vaccinations, wellness exams, elective surgeries, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, internal medicine, diagnostic, dentistry and nutritional counseling.

In addition to these comprehensive medical services, we also assist with international export by preparing pet passports and provide limited grooming services including sedated cat shaves performed by our registered Animal Health Technologists (AHT).


At Cypress View Vet Clinic, we believe that annual physical exams are the first and most important step in providing your pet with a long, happy and healthy life. Not only do these yearly check-ups give us the opportunity to assess your pet’s ongoing health and identify any possible concerns, but they also provide us the chance to get to know both you and your pet better.

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Many people don’t realize how important good dental health is to the life and longevity of an animal. The fact is poor dental care can lead to any number of conditions, from simple things like tooth and gum pain to more complex conditions such as periodontal disease which can lead to other serious illnesses like liver, heart and kidney disease. At Cypress View Vet Clinic, we take your pet’s dental health seriously. We offer a variety of dental services to help your animal maintain a healthy mouth and enjoy a long and happy life.

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Just as with humans, animals can suffer from a number of illnesses or conditions that show no outward appearance. That’s why diagnostic services are so important to your pet’s health. They give us the chance to examine what is happening beneath the surface so that we can quickly identify any potential health concerns and treat them in a timely manner.

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Pets may require surgery for a number of reasons. At Cypress View Vet Clinic, our goal is to provide you and your animal with the very best in surgical care while making the experience as stress-free as possible. Not only do we focus on performing the required procedure, but we do so with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. Rest assured that when your pet comes to us for surgery, whether it’s simple or complex, he or she will be in good hands with our qualified team of highly skilled veterinarians and care providers.

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At Cypress View Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide complete care for your pet.  To us that means care after an injury, surgery or the side effects of aging in order to give your pet the best chance of recovery and improved comfort.  Canine and feline rehabilitation works towards increased flexibility, strength, and comfort.  We have seen quicker surgery recoveries, increased strength, increased range of motion and all around improved quality of life in our rehabilitation patients.

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Saying Good-Bye

Sometimes the bad days outweigh the good, and we need to make the big decision to say goodbye to our loyal companions. Pets come into our lives to teach us about love, and no amount of time with them could ever be long enough. Our Team at Cypress View understands how hard of a decision this is and want to make your last moments with your pet as special as we can.

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