Top 5 Weird Things Cats Like to Eat

Top 5 Weird Things Cats Like to Eat


Over the years, we have seen our fair share of pets eating the weirdest of objects, and unfortunately in some cases needing surgery to remove the object obstructing normal gut movement. Usually when we think of a pet eating something it should not, we picture a dog. We are here to tell you that cats are just as likely to get into trouble as their canine counterparts! We want to go over the top 5 objects that cats have eaten that we have seen at the clinic, and what to look out for lying around the house if you have a cat!



1.)    Nerf Darts

  • For some reason cats love to chew on these small and rubbery objects, and when kids are shooting them around the house they can easily get lost and not accounted for.
  • Nerf darts are one of the most common foreign bodies that we have to remove from kitties.

2.)    Shoelaces/string/dental floss/yarn/Tinsel/Sewing thread +/- needle/fishing line

  • Cats love anything long and stringy and they unfortunately love to swallow it as well! In some instances, the string will still be seen in the mouth, with the other end inside the stomach/intestines (If this happens, do not tug on it as it can cause internal damage)

3.)    Elastic bands or hair elastics

  • If you have a pony-tail wearing person in the house hold, beware of elastics lying around!

4.)     Ear Plugs

  • Very similar texture to nerf darts, and cats love chewing and batting them around; they are also very easily lost if left out on the nightstand!

5.)    Plant material


Basically, anything small, “rubbery”, or “Stringy” your cat may be attracted to it. Try to keep an eye on small objects in the house (although it is hard with kids!) and research the pretty plant before bringing it into the house. When cats get curious, they for sure will get themselves into trouble!

Some signs to look out for that may indicate your kitty ate something it shouldn’t have:

  •   Vomiting more than once in the course of day and vomiting after eating
  •   Not wanting to eat
  •   Lethargic
  •  Painful abdomen area
  • Not having a bowel movement


If you suspect your kitty has eaten something it shouldn’t have our team is here to help! The sooner you can get them seen by a vet after eating the foreign object the better the outcome.

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