Little Tricks and Snippets…To Stress Free Vet Visits!

Little Tricks and Snippets…To Stress Free Vet Visits!



We love pets. That’s why we are in this profession. But we understand that sometimes, pets don’t really love us (the Veterinary Clinic). And we can relate to pet owners that bringing your pet to the vet can be a stressful time. Whether you’re bringing your pet in for an annual exam, for surgery, or they aren’t feeling well, we want you and your pet to have the most positive and stress free visit possible. We came up with some tips that can be done before and during your appointment to help make the visit go more smoothly.

  • Most cats know as soon as the kennel comes out that it’s time to hide; try to make the kennel a positive experience by placing it in a common area for them to explore on their own, and place their favorite treats inside
  • Have fun training with your dog with lots of treats on things that are done during an exam at home:
    • Play with their paws and pick each foot up
    • Look inside their ears
    • For a smaller dog, pick them up and hold them on a table
    • Train them to gently lie down on their sides
    • Train to “stay” and pat them down from head to toe
    • Look inside their mouth and rub their gums
  • For reactive dogs, ask at the time of booking the appointment for a less busy time, and to see if there is a separate entrance for you to enter. At Cypress View Vet, our rehab facility has a separate door which can be used and is a quieter area for reactive dogs.
  • Plan fun visits to the clinic! If you are driving around with your pooch, stop by the clinic for a quick treat and weigh in. This will create a positive experience for your pooch showing them that the clinic is not always the scary place! Our receptionists at Cypress View would love to treat your furry friend!
  • Try to arrive to your appointment a little early so that you are not in a rush; your pet can sense when you are stressed too! This also helps your pet get more acquainted with its surroundings.
  • For cats, place a towel over the carrier during the car ride and at the clinic so that they can feel more secure; cats like to hide when they are unsure of their surroundings
  • If your pet is very shy and scared, leave them in the car (if safe) until your Veterinarian is ready to see them and they can be placed into a room straight away after entering the clinic
  • If you are dropping off your pet for a procedure or a surgery, bringing with them something that smells like home (a blanket or toy) to help them feel more secure in the kennel
  • Cats can become extremely stressed when placed in the car since they know they are either going to the vet or the groomer (most times). If possible, try to do more “happier” car rides with your cat; do short car rides and treats to show that a car ride doesn’t mean something bad.
    • Colleen, one of Cypress View Vet’s technicians, started her cat out young getting her used to car rides. It was a scary adventure at first, but now Momo loves riding in the car as it means lots of treats and an outing on a leash outside in the park!
  • If your pet is highly food motivated, try refraining from feeding them a couple of hours before the appointment time (if your pet is not sick!) so that they are excited to get treats from the Veterinarian and staff at the Clinic.
    • Bringing high value treats with you can help your pet realize the Vet clinic isn’t so bad!
Treats Please :)

Treats Please :)

  • Pheromone sprays for both dogs and cats are available that help animals feel secure in their surroundings such as Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats. The spray can be applied inside the pet’s kennel and in the back seat of the car (does not smell like much to us humans).
  • Thunder shirts are another great option for an anxious dog or cat! They are a tighter fitting vest/shirt that gives constant pressure; almost like when we swaddle a baby. Thunder shirts can be ordered at Cypress View Vet, to ensure you get the proper size.
  • Another option for a prescription free product are Thera-Bite Mellow chews for dogs. These chews help to maintain a “normal, balanced emotional and mental state in dogs.” These chews can be started 1-2 days prior to the stressful appointment.


Sometimes the stress of the vet visit is too much, and you as an owner have exhausted all other options to help your pet. As a last route there are anti-anxiety medications or light sedatives that can be given prior to a stressful veterinary visit. We only want what is best for you pet, and we want them safe while they are here as well. We never want a pet not to receive Veterinary care because the stress of coming to the vet is too high. We are here for you and your pet! Please call our Team and we will work with you and your pets special needs to ensure the best care possible.

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