First Ever Big Booty Bootcamp a Success!

First Ever Big Booty Bootcamp a Success!

We are excited to announce that our first ever Big Booty Bootcamp was a huge success! Our patients Casey and Brutus are ready to flaunt their trimmer and healthier bodies just in time for summer. These two and their diligent owners worked hard together with our rehab team for 8 full weeks and shed that winter “fluff”. In this post, we want to go over each pup’s story, before and after pictures, and their pre-and post measurements!


Casey’s Story as written by his Certified Rehabilitation Technician:

Casey joined the boot camp as a timid, little dog. He has a lot of “sibling” dogs at home to compete with. Our boot camp consisted of twice weekly sessions in hospital utilizing our underwater treadmill and land exercises in our rehab facility. We started him at the boot camp without changing his diet to a weight loss diet (due to food sensitivities), and his home exercise program did not include much more than getting out for some good walks. We calculated calories that he needed for his energy level, and the owners diligently stuck to his daily amounts (with the exception of a few treats at his exercise sessions). As his exercise levels increased, so did his confidence and happy attitude!  In total Casey lost a total of 10 cm, and 1.5 lbs which equated to a 7.9% loss. He is an awesome little dog, and we had so much fun at his exercise sessions!


Brutus’s story as written by his Certified Rehabilitation Technician:

When Brutus started our program, he would get winded quickly after exercise with his owners. Brutus and his owner came in twice a week for 8 weeks and did some land exercises, underwater treadmill, and stretches.  He was on the Metabolic and Mobility diet from Hills throughout the program. Mr.Brutus was recommended no extra treats and to do regular exercise with his owners at home. Brutus started our program at 51.7 kg (113.7 Ibs) and went on to his final weight of 46.4kg (102.08 Ibs)! And through his owner’s hard work to get Brutus where he is now, a week after his final weigh in, Brutus and his owner came in to the clinic and he had lost another 1.8Ibs! Brutus has had a weight loss of 13.2Ibs! Way to go!



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