New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

As we kick the new year off, we start thinking about how we want the year to go with new goals, better decisions, and starting to make new life changes. Most times, the number one goal for us is a healthier lifestyle, including losing weight and becoming more active. If you have a pet, especially a dog, they can be that motivation to get up off the couch. Your new year resolution can be your pet’s too, especially your young and healthy pets, as they crave the active lifestyle you want to start. We have some suggestions that will help you AND your pet get active and healthier!

Table food

  • We have all been there, eating our chips in front of the TV and those little beady eyes watching our every move, waiting for a morsel to snatch. Or, the sad puppy eyes we get when eating that juicy hamburger. But what if you traded the sugary and salty snacks with fruit and veggies? Most fruit and veggies can be shared with our pets, and it will benefit both you AND your pet.
  • A list of healthy fruits and veggies that can be shared with your pet can be found here

New Activity

  • Trying a new activity with your pet can be a fun way to meet new human and furry friends! What about a local agility class? A new obedience/socialization class? We have some great clubs and associations in Medicine Hat that can teach you and your pet some new and fun things. It will get you and your pet’s minds going, and provide some exercise out of the house.
  • Gas City Dog Club
  • Flashing Canines Agility Club



  • Finding new trails around your City, or travelling out of town to go on hikes gets you and your pet out of the house, is good exercise, and fun bonding time.
    • Some dog- friendly hiking trails in Alberta can be found here
    • Walking trails and off-leash areas in Medicine Hat can be found on the map here


Health check

  • When was the last time you have been to your own doctor? What about your pet? Both us and our pets benefit from at least a yearly exam. Even if your pet looks healthy, they cannot tell us if something is wrong, and usually don’t show symptoms of illness until they are very ill. Yearly wellness exams are beneficial for early detection and treatment. Same with us humans, although we feel healthy, we should get in to see our own Doctor at least once a year, to make sure we live a long and healthy life.


Better Dental Care

  • Most owners don’t think to take a look into their pet’s mouth let alone brush their pet’s teeth. If you didn’t brush your teeth for even just one year, how do you think your mouth would feel or smell? Our pets aren’t much different, as prevention such as brushing, yearly dental cleaning, and using an oral gel can help their mouth health greatly. Most of us humans have a hard time remembering or taking the time to floss our teeth, or even booking a dental/hygienist appointment. Maybe with this resolution, it would be taking more time for your oral health and your pets!

Achieving new goals can be a lot more fun and easier if you have a friend by your side. So why not include that furry best friend because we can almost guarantee you that they will be right by your side, full of encouragement, the entire time.

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