2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs


Tis the season for spoiling our favorite furry family members. Here is a list of 10 of the season’s hottest items, veterinarian approved.

1. AFP Interactive Fetch ‘N Treat


If boredom is a problem for your dog while you are away this interactive toy is for you! Fill the Fetch N’ Treat with dry food or treats and when they return the ball they will get a treat. This would be perfect for an under stimulated border collie or Jack Russell terriers that are getting into mischief while you are out of the house.

Available to order through our clinic HERE


2. Greenies Blueberry Dental Treats

#1 Vet-Recommended Dental Chew. These dental chews are formulated with natural ingredients like dried blueberries. They fight plaque and tartar, freshen breath and maintain healthier teeth and gums.

Available to order through or clinic HERE


3. Purebite Treats

We love these treats because they only have one ingredient. They are freeze dried to lock in nutrients and freshness. We love them so much our clinic is stocked up with them in all the exam rooms.

Available to order through our clinic HERE


4. NHL/CFL Jerseys

Ok, this is more of a gift for your resident sport fan but these jerseys are adorable. They are official NFL/CFL jerseys and are an awesome quality. They have an embroidered logo and a “no mess V-shape on belly” cut out. I myself have a Calgary Flames jersey for my dog/husband.

Available to order through our clinic HERE

5. Buster DogMaze Bowl

These bowls will help slow down meal time. They engage the mind and allow them to use sight, smell, and touch to work their kibbles out. If gas is a problem in your house these bowls may help by cutting down on air gulping during meal times. They are available in two sizes and five colors.

Available to order through our clinic HERE

6. Oratene Brushless Toothpaste

Goodbye teeth brushing, hello brushless toothpaste. We used to have to recommend teeth brushing as part of a home care regime to keep your pets teeth tartar free. Now with this once a day application we are seeing reduced tartar formation and fresher breath. This toothpaste is highly palatable which makes for great compliance.

Available for pick up at the clinic

7. Whimzee’s All Natural Dental Chew Treats

Super adorable, super simple, super fun chews. These have no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, GMOs, gluten or meat and are produced sustainably. Available in many varieties but the variety box is my favorite.

Available for order through our clinic HERE


8. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Mazee

Here is another interactive play toy for dogs. While they roll this one around it drops out treats to keep them engaged. Intended for maze play not chew play. This toy comes in green and pink and is 5” in diameter.

Available for order through the clinic HERE

9. Kong Extreme

An oldie but a goodie. This is my favorite teeth safe chewing toy for powerful chewers. You can fill it with peanut butter or cheese whiz, their favorite kibbles or treats and freeze it for a time consuming distraction. These won’t cause carnassial fractures which is a big concern for power chewers and hard toys.

Available for order through the clinic HERE

10. Gym Membership

We are proud to offer pet rehabilitation at our clinic. Mel or Rayleen can set up a workout routine that suits your pet’s new year’s resolution. We also have a state of the art underwater treadmill. Whether you dog would benefit from a little weight loss or increased mobility give us a call today to book them in.

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