Herbicides And Pets

Herbicides And Pets

Many pets love to be outside in the lush green lawn enjoying the great summer days, but how do you keep them safe when using chemicals to treat your lawn.

Cash in the grass

Tips for keeping Pets safe around herbicides and chemicals in the yard.

  1. Follow manufacturers instructions, read the package carefully.
  2. Allow all chemicals to dry before allowing your pet outside.
  3. Wash feet when coming in from outside.  Some small breeds and cats may also need their undersides rinsed.
  4. Do not apply excessive amounts, more isn’t necessarily better.
  5. Consider treating front and back lawns alternatively to have an area available with less exposure.  Some studies show chemicals can be transferable for a full 48 hours after application.

If you are concerned about your pet being exposed to chemicals of any sort, contact your local veterinarian with the name of the product.  They may need to look into the specific product to better advise you about the risk to your pet.


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