5 Questions every new pet owner should ask your Vet.

5 Questions every new pet owner should ask your Vet.

Have you just welcomed a new pet into your household?  Here are some questions you should ask your vet.

1.  Does my pet have any health concerns we need to follow up on?

If your pet is an older rescue, or even if it is a new kitten or puppy, there may be an underlying disease or concern that your vet is wanting you to follow up on.  Getting a clear understanding of these concerns will ensure the treatment plan is best suited for you and your pet’s well being.

2.  What and how often should I be feeding my pet?

Nutrition is very important in both young and old pets.  Opening the conversation about nutrition will ensure your vet is aware of what the pet has been eating and they can give you suggestions on keeping your pet happy and healthy.

3.  What preventative measures/ immunizations will my pet require?

Puppies and kittens will often receive vaccines from breeders and we will need to add on to these for your pet’s protection against diseases such as parvo virus and rabies.  Older adopted pets may also need updated vaccinations or deworming in order to keep them and your family protected.

4.  How often should my pet be examined?

Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, age and history, an exam may be recommended at an increased interval to manage or prevent diseases.  Discussing when your pet should be seen with your vet will help ensure the best plan for your specific pet is followed.

5.  If I have an emergency who do I call?

If you are ever needing a veterinarian after hours it is best to know where you can find the closest emergency center or if your local veterinarian offers emergency services.  Prepare for an emergency and hope you never require this information.  Here at Cypress View Vet, we offer emergency services to our clients 24/7, simply call our regular number to reach a Veterinarian.

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