Dr. Mason’s top 10 takeaways from her Purina and Hills Tours

Dr. Mason’s top 10 takeaways from her Purina and Hills Tours

Recently Dr. Mason attended both the Purina and the Hills research and production facilities to get a better and thorough understanding of the pet foods we offer in clinic.  Both facilities encourage these visits and have shared some great tidbits and eye opening views on what really goes into providing veterinary quality nutrition.

1.  Every ingredient is tested as it arrives.  Each shipment that is received by either company is subjected to testing to ensure the ingredients are high quality without contamination.

2.  Quality control is a huge part of these companies’ protocols.  For example canned food is weighed and radiographed to ensure that it is exactly as it should be when sent out to consumers.  If the standard is not met the cans are discarded.

3.  Facilities are comparable to human food facilities.  Before entering the production areas everyone was required to remove jewelry and wear clean protective gear to ensure no dirt or hair was brought into the facility.

4.  Good nutrition = Good health.  We knew this but the studies completed showing that over a 14 year lifespan a healthy body condition can increase the pets lifespan by up to 15 % or 2 years.

5.  Treats don’t need to be terrible.  Healthy treats can be tasty too, also the pets will have the benefit of maintaining a proper body condition while they are getting spoiled.

6.  Not all cups are equal.  We offer free measuring cups and encourage you to check how much your current scoop is equivalent to?  Check out this great you tube video on some common scoop sizes used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj0xHZCuiWM

7.  A pound is not a pound.  Because of the difference of our body size compared to our pets pounds mean more to pets.  Three extra pounds on a 15lb dog is the equivalent to 30 extra pounds on a 150lb person.  Ask us how to body condition score your pet and see how they measure up.

8.  Calories are hidden in a big way.  Treats that we offer our pets can have an astronomical amount of calories in them.  For example a 6.7 ounce rawhide bone has 664 calories.  In a medium sized dog (44lbs) this is 100% of that pets daily caloric intake and would be like eating 10 doughnuts for a person.

9.  Foods can be used to treat a medical condition.  For example, there are very good diets for dental care as well as for mobility, urinary tract health, inflammatory bowel disease and others, which may eliminate the need for supplements or medications.

10.  Pet food is forever evolving.  Research is showing us that the information we had years ago is not the best we can offer.  These two companies spend a great deal of time providing cutting edge nutritional recommendations for a variety of health concerns and disease processes.

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