Three Ways To Conquer Thunderstorm Anxiety

Three Ways To Conquer Thunderstorm Anxiety

Unfortunately our pets do not understand that as the seasons change in our region thunderstorms are inevitable.  It can be very difficult to watch pets become anxious and unsettled long before the sky even begins to change color.  We want to share some tried and true methods to make this time of year easier on fido and you.

1.  Oral supplements  –  Many companies have realized how anxious pets could benefit from gentle supplements to encourage a calm demeanor in even the most stressful situations.
A.  Therabites now offer a Mellow supplement that uses L-Theanine, Colostrum and Valerian Root to help balance emotional states in dogs.  The chew works best if given for a few days before the stressful situation and is suggested to give one dose during thunderstorm season for best results.
B.  Zylkene –  This natural supplement derived from casein, a milk protein that is shown to relax puppies after nursing.  Despite its origin the product is lactose free and very well tolerated by pets.  It is also ideal to begin giving zylkene prior to the stressful event so it is best to give throughout the difficult time of year.

2.  Pheromones –  When puppies are nursing the mother will release a pheromone to keep puppies calm when she leaves them to deal with her own needs, now this same pheromone has been put to use to calm adult dogs and is useful in a number of situations.  Reactions to pheromones are involuntary and they will never become immune to them allowing you to repeat the treatments any time your pet is uncomfortable.
A.  Adaptil Collar – The collar releases pheromones for 30 days.  This simple collar does all the work of releasing pheremones with the help of your dogs body heat, all while emitting no foul odor or residues behind.
B.  Adaptil D.A.P spray –  The spray can be used alone or combined with the collar for a increased effect.  The spray allows you to use it just when you need it where you need it.  Spraying it on a bandana or your pets bed can help calm them quite effectively.
C. Adaptil D.A.P diffuser- Similar to a air freshener it releases a steady balloon of pheromone directly around the diffuser.  They work for one room so they need to be placed somewhere your pet spends a great deal of time.

3.  Comforting devices
A.  TLC – many pets will just need some simple tlc and will want to be close to you during the thunderstorm.  Some important things to remember is remain calm.  The anxiety you give off can only add to the situation.  Encourage behaviors and activities that keep your pet calm and happy.  Playing games or even having a special chew treat may be all some pets need to get over the stress of the noisy storms we are often subjected to.
B.  Thundershirt – This special shirt is made to comfort pets, it applies gentle pressure to the body similar to swaddling a baby.  A great number of dogs use these for various types of anxiety and management of stressful situations.

These are some tried and true tricks to deal with the anxiety associated with thunder storms.  Some pets will need a combination of supplements and behavior modification and some may even require a prescription for anti anxiety medications from your veterinarian.  If you are concerned about your pets anxiety level during storms feel free to contact us or your vet anytime. 

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