So your dog is a jerk at the vet, now what?

So your dog is a jerk at the vet, now what?

It is a fact of life around here – some pets just act out at the vet clinic.  It can be embarrassing when your cat cowers at the back of the carrier and takes a swipe at your veterinarian, or your dog refuses to enter an exam room, but we understand that fear and anxiety can make your pet into a different animal.  There are many things that can be done to make a vet visit go more smoothly for pets that do not like their clinic visits.

In the next week we will be posting a number of blogs covering the following topics:

  • Teaching puppies and kittens to enjoy the clinic
  • Therapy for mild anxiety
  • What to expect during your appointment if your pet acts out
  • Aggressive dog vet visits

We look forward to discussing these topics with you, and fielding any questions you have to further this discussion.

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