Teeth and Toys

Teeth and Toys

Did you know some of the most common dog toys can be very damaging to teeth?

The top offenders are :

  1.   Tennis balls – Pets that chew on tennis balls often show a great deal of wear on teeth causing exposed pulps and irreversible damage to the mouth.
  2.   Bones – Domesticated dogs have amazing jaw strength and will try to break apart the bones; often the bone is stronger than the teeth.  Slab fractures often are a result of eating and chewing on bones.
  3.   Antlers – When deer and elk rut they don’t often break the antlers.   This shows the amazing force that these can withstand; however the teeth of the domesticated dog are not meant to withstand this type of chew toy.
  4.   Wood – Splinters and slivers can lodge themselves in the gums causing a potential source of infection.


Damage from rocks and tennis balls.

Damage from rocks and tennis balls.


Our favorite teeth friendly toys.

  • Kongs – Goodie bones, squeez, jumbler, biscut balls, dental sticks, and chews.  These are rubber toys available in different strengths to satisfy chewers of all varieties.  
  • Nylabones  –  Except Galileo bones.  These are labeled for extreme chewers and are capable of fracuring teeth.
  • Dogwood sticks –  Made with real wood and rubber
  • Chuckit Tennis balls – Rubber is preferred over the abrasive fur of tennis balls
  • Rogz toys
  • Zogoflex
  • Bionic Rubber

Our rule of thumb for toys is they need to have some give in order to be non damaging to teeth.

Does your pet have a favorite toy and you are wondering if they are safe for teeth?  Post the name in the comments below and we would love to let you know if we are familiar with them.   We are always interested in new safe toys for your pets.




4 responses to “Teeth and Toys”

  1. Tammy Duggan says:

    Are there some toys that work like dental floss?

    • cypressviewvet says:

      Many of the toys mentioned have dental varieties. You can increase the effectiveness by adding toothpaste or oral gel to these toys.