Three easy ways to keep pets teeth healthy

Three easy ways to keep pets teeth healthy

February is dental health month so we want to share with you some quick and easy ways to improve your pet’s dental health.

In the past, brushing was our go to solution for a healthy mouth, but sometimes this isn’t an option and even as professionals, many of us don’t remember to do it each and every day and therefore we are not really providing great oral care.  Thankfully, many companies have seen that brushing isn’t always an option and have come up with some simple and easy alternatives offering almost the same level of care for our pet’s mouths.

1.  Oral Gels – We carry two different enzymatic oral gels that we have seen amazing results from.  The products we carry are often stronger and contain different minerals that can be used in most pets but must be dispensed by a veterinary professional and used under their guidance.

2.  Dental Diets –  There are a variety of dental diets that use a combination of enzymatic cleaning and mechanical scrubbing mechanisms to prevent plaque and tartar from sticking to your pet’s teeth.  These are great for the pet that wants you to stay far away from their mouth with that toothbrush or gel.  Always speak to your veterinary health care team before changing diets if your pet has any health concerns to allow them to make a recommendation based on your pet’s history.
3.  Dental Treats – There are a variety of dental treats out there, many of them offering great results if given daily.  We carry one type of dental treat and always want to remind you to think of calories when giving your pet large treats daily.  Also consider freezing them before giving to your pet to make them last longer.   That’s a Dr. Slemp trick that many of our patients really love.

If you have any questions about any of these products or your pet’s dental health contact your veterinary team, or comment below.

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