Why does my pets breath smell ?

Why does my pets breath smell ?

Have you ever wondered why Fido and Fluffy have terrible breath? Well we have all the answers for you!

  1.  Bacteria – bacteria often produce a volatile sulfur compounds, this can cause a “rotten egg” smell.  Other types of bacteria may produce other smells
  2. Plaque –  a biofilm which is made up almost entirely of oral bacteria.
  3. Tartar –  bacterial plaque that is calcified by minerals
  4. Disease Processes – Certain diseases may cause halitosis and therefore any concern about your pet’s breath should be discussed with your pet health care team

Volatile sulfur compounds or VSCs are produced almost exclusively by tissue destruction and putrefaction of amino acids by gram negative bacteria.  The level of periodontal disease can be directly correlated to the level of this sulfur compound in the mouth.

What does this all mean? Dental disease smells and is bad for the body.  Dental disease is a whole body process.  We encourage you to contact your veterinary team about any questions you have about dental health and your pet.


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