February Is Dental Health Month

February Is Dental Health Month

Celebrate Dental Health Month with Cypress View

We believe that a healthy mouth is so important and want to encourage you to celebrate dental health month with us.


85% of pets have periodontal disease by age 3

Kaitlyn performing a oral exam

Kaitlyn performing a oral exam

How do I prevent dental disease?

  • Brushing is the gold standard.  For proper effectiveness it must be done daily.
  • Enzymatic Oral Gels – Oratene or Maxiguard are our tried and trusted products.
  • Dental Diets – Hills, Purina, and Royal Canin all offer great dental diets.
  • Yearly dental exams

A combination of the above measures is the best way to preserve your pets teeth and keep them clean and functional.

What is involved and included in a dental at Cypress View Vet?

  1.  An initial consultations with one of our dental technicians to admit your pet and answer any questions you may have.
  2. A full exam by the veterinarian completing the dental.
  3. IV fluids
  4. All medications including sedatives and pain control to fully anesthetize your pet to allow for intubation
  5. Monitoring of vital signs by a registered animal health technician
  6. Initial oral exam and charting by a registered animal health technician
  7. Cleaning of all teeth, x rays of any teeth that show potential for disease under the gumline
  8. Oral examination by veterinarian
  9. Extraction of any teeth by veterinarian after local freezing in place
  10. Polishing of teeth
  11. Post dental medications such as antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories as deemed necessary by your veterinarian
  12. Dental Plan to prevent further dental disease progression
  13. Post dental recheck and aftercare with your dental team

Visit us for a dental quote in the month of February and be entered to win a dental gift bag.

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