How your pet healthcare team stays current.

How your pet healthcare team stays current.

Did you know?

All veterinary professionals are required to complete continuing education each year.


With one of my personal favourite veterinary conferences getting close I thought, what do our clients know about the education both veterinarians and registered technicians receive each year?  Each year we are required by our governing body to complete mandatory hours of continuing education.  15 hours for technician and 20 for veterinarians.  The best part of this is that we often choose our own continuing education opportunities from such an amazing worldwide selection that it really allows for professional growth.

As you may not know, at our clinic we have specialties and interests and most of these have been shaped by various courses and certifications completed outside of the regular education we have recieved.  Some interests pursued by us have been orthopedics, laparascopic procedures, accupuncture, rehab, dentistry, nutrition, pathology, FLUTD, fluid therapy, pain management, emergency medicine, business management and many more.

The importance of having registered staff members shows through in the well rounded team created by having many people with diverse intrests that are encouraged to build themselves professionally and provide the best environment for your pets care.

We love to talk about the things we have learned and have a passion for and will happily share with anyone that will listen, so feel free ask us any questions and if there is someone in clinic with a burning passion for it we will happily share with you.

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