Nosebleeds In Pets

Nosebleeds In Pets


A nosebleed in your pet is not commonly seen but is often considered an emergency.


If your pet does experience a nosebleed it is important to determine the cause, as well as get the bleeding to stop.

What do I need to tell my vet?

  • Which nostril is the blood coming from?
  • Is your pet sneezing?  How often?
  • Has your pet ingested anything abnormal recently?
  • Any other symptoms or signs you have noticed?
  • Any trauma recently?

How to stop the bleeding?

  • Remain calm and get your pet calm and quiet.  Excitement and stress increases blood pressure and therefore will make the nosebleed last longer and be more difficult to bring to a stop.
  • Call your veterinarian.  Follow any instructions they have for you.
  • Place a cold pack on the bridge of the nose
  • DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN THE NOSE.  Packing the nose may encourage sneezing and will potentially dislodge a clot that has already been forming

What does it mean?

Nosebleeds can be a result of a number of things.  We encourage you to contact your veterinarian regarding any nosebleed.  They can be a result of a foreign body in the nose itself, infections, polyps, poisoning, bleeding disorder or even cancer. If you have any questions or concerns comment below or contact us any time.

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