Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

Here at Cypress View Veterinary Clinic we love to include our furry family members in our holiday celebrations.  We wanted to thank all of our amazing clients for all the cards and treats this holiday season and want to offer some tidbits on how to keep pets safe during the holidays.

Holiday Dangers

  • Christmas trees including decorations 
  • Holiday feasts
  • Poinsettas, Mistletoe, and various holiday plants/flowers
  • Candles
  • Cocktails
  • Scary noises and guests

Christmas trees are a source of many potential dangers for both cats and dogs.  Ensure trees are secured to prevent tipping from a excited pet.  You must also be cautious of what is on the trees, tinsel is a cats dream toy but can be very dangerous.  Dogs often confuse the ornaments for toys of their own.  A broken glass ball in a pets mouth can be a very unpleasant visit to the clinic.  Think of your pets when decorating and prevent instead of reacting to a potentially dangerous decoration.

Holiday feasts can cause a great deal of upset to any pets tummies.  Many of the dishes we prepare for family gatherings are fatty or sugary.  Both are not ideal for our pets.  Pancreatits is the holiday disease, it is incredibly painful and potentially lethal often brought on by a dietary indescretion either getting into the garbage, eating left over bits, or being fed a special holiday meal.

Many plants are very dangerous for our pets, always keep this in mind when bringing plants into a home.  Cats and dogs are very curious about new things and may feel the need to taste test potentially dangerous plants.  Poinsettas, mistletoe and holly are all dangerous and should be kept away from pets.

Candles and open fires are dangerous as they often get forgotten about during the hectic times that surround family gatherings.  Remember that pets do not know that fire is dangerous and can easily cause local burns and fires if knocked by happy tails or curious kitties.

Often cockails accompany holiday gatherings.  When mixed with sweet mixes drinks often become quite interesting the our furry companions.  Alcohol is toxic to pets and can be detrimental even in small quantaties.

Some pets are quite sensitive to change in routines and large crowds.  Remember to take this into consideration during gatherings.  If your pet is nervous it can be much better for them to simply be away from the action in a room of their own.  This also prevents accidental escapes as guests come and go.

We want every family to enjoy the holidays and avoid troubles and stress that can come with all the changes in the home.  As always we are here in case you do need us during the holidays.  If you have an emergency call us at our regular number 403-527-1825 to speak to the veterinarian on call.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.


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