The Weekly Once Over

The Weekly Once Over

Every day at the clinic we see pets of all sizes and shapes for various illnesses, and since they wont tell us what is going on we have to depend on you for much of the information.  We can always do our better work with accurate and thorough information.

What is a weekly once over?

Once a week sit down with your pet and have a good look at them, take the time to notice what your pets eyes look like, how their mouth closes, what their teeth look like and every little detail that is unique to them right to their tail.  Starting at the nose and working towards the hind end is a great way to methodically ensure you see every peice of them.  To your pet this is just a really good petting, sneak in hugs and kisses and make it enjoyable.  It doesnt need to be the same day and same time just make a point to feel everywhere and look once a week.

Why should I do this?

Often pets will have small lumps and bumps or subtle changes that show up as they age.  The sooner we are alerted to some issues the better we can treat it.  The once over also gives us great information on whether that lump has changed size, if your pet has been slowly losing weight or quite quickly, sudden soreness on a specific area or started subtle and is much worse now.  A good history is worth its weight in gold and often we lose track of when it was that a family member said your pet looked thin, or when that lump first appeared and if it seems any bigger now.

What else should I take note of?

If you are noticing a change in your pets behavior, eating, or voiding habits these are all things worth making a note about on a calendar or in a phone in case we ask when it began, or what is happening specifically (in the instance of an odd behavior).


In some circumstances we may even ask you to start a diary or journal of what is happening.  We use these in the case of seizure disorders, some behavior issues, allergies.  Often a very through history in these cases and some others can help get an illness or condition under control.

If you have any questions about how to do the weekly once over please comment below  !!

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