Bring them home. 10 Reasons to Microchip your pet

Bring them home. 10 Reasons to Microchip your pet

Getting Pets Home Safely.  Benefits of Microchipping.

Recently there has been a number of great stories about pets getting home because they had been microchipped.  There are a number of reasons why many clinics have moved to using microchips as their chosen form of permanent ID for our patients.

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What is a Microchip?

Microchips are small chips that hold a 15 digit number that is registered and linked back to the owners information provided at the time of implantation.   The chip is the size of a grain of rice and is placed under the skin using a needle.  The microchip is readable by a variety of microchip scanners in veterinary clinics, shelters and by animal control officers.  The information is kept on a secure online database accessible by these professionals.  One common misconception is that the chips have GPS capability, this is not the case and they are meant for identification only, not for tracking pets.

Ten reasons why you should Microchip.

  1. Its permanent  – Chips never fade like tattoos, or fall off like collars and tags.  This also means stolen pets can not have them removed either
  2. Easy to manage – If you move, change home or work phone numbers this can all be updated with your microchip company at no additional charge online or on the phone.  
  3.  Lifetime licencing – In Medicine Hat the city allows pets to have a lifetime city licence if they are also spayed or neutered.
  4. Available 24/7 – if your pet is located outside of business hours they are still able to access your information unlike clinic tags ect.
  5. Strays with microchips have better chances – if a pet has a microchip the SPCA can not euthanize the animal until all avenues for locating the owner have been exhausted, otherwise it is a minimum 72 hour hold unless the pet is gravely ill as determined by a Veterinarian.  Even if information is not valid this buys the pet time to be tracked down by its owner.
  6. Homebound pets need them too – Pets like cats or even pocket pets that never leave the home are less likely to be able to navigate back to the home in the event they escape.  All it takes is workers not closing a door behind them unfortunately.  Our local SPCA has had a drastic increase in cats being returned home because of local microchipping efforts.
  7. Simple – Pets do not need to be anaesthetized to be microchipped.  It is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort
  8. Affordable –  One time fee registers your pet for life
  9. More uses every day – Pet doors can be programmed to only let your pet in based on their microchip, this is just the beginning of their uses.


At Cypress View Veterinary Clinic we will ask you about microchipping your pet when in for a surgical procedure, however we can do it during any examination or visit.  Call and speak to one of our care team or post comments below about microchipping your pet today, and as always keep an eye out on our many social media sites for one of our annual clinics to benefit a local rescue group.



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