Local Pet Poisonings

Local Pet Poisonings

Recently Chat TV has reported on the outcries on various social media sites of local pets being poisoned.  Here at Cypress View Veterinary Clinic we have had no cases of poisoning in the last month at our facility.  We want the public to continue to be diligent about their pets when unsupervised but wanted to address the reports from an “unauthorized post” as per Chat TV today.

Antifreeze poisoning as well as other toxins can produce a number of symptoms.  Pets may become disoriented, suffer tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, seizures, anorexia, weakness, depression.  Antifreeze is one of the few poisons that can be detected without an external laboratory.  If your pet shows any symptoms call your veterinarian immediately, the Dr may recommend blood work, radiographs, intravenous fluids, hospitalization and supportive care.

Additional information can be found at :

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center



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