Pet insurance. A growing trend in providing better care for our pets.

Pet insurance. A growing trend in providing better care for our pets.

It seems to be a topic of much discussion lately, the cost of veterinary care is more than is often expected.  The debate on that can go on for years however what can the common person do to manage those costs?  Pet insurance is finally becoming a more popular item in North America much like in our European counterparts.  Canada and the USA have begun seeing more pets with their very own health insurance policy.  Here at Cypress View we have some personal experience with insurance as our AHT Denniel has had a policy for her boxers for the last 10 years.

Here are answers and helpful links to answer the most commonly asked questions we hear from our clients.

Whats the benefit of pet insurance? 
It can offer freedom that many don’t have when it comes to making important health decisions for our pets.  If a savings account isn’t in place this is another way to be able to say yes when emergency or life saving medical care may be required.

How much does it cost?
Monthly premium costs depend on a number of factors.  Much like your car or home insurance the more you have covered the higher the premium.  Also certain breeds may be subject to higher premiums based on common claims or higher than common claims by that breed or age group.   Pet insurance is quite moldable and many companies will work with you and even adjust your deductible to reach a consensus on your monthly premium.

What does it cover?
As with the deductible it really is dependent on your personal needs.  Plans vary from basic accident only coverage to comprehensive preventative, health and illness coverage.  Some things to consider is how far you are prepared to go for your pets health care, would you attend a specialist?  Radiation or chemotherapy? Orthopedic surgery or rehabilitation?

Who is the best company?
There is no “best” company for every pet owner.  Every company is different in the way they provide services so it is important to do research much as you would your home or auto insurance.

Does the insurance pay the clinic directly?
You are responsible to pay your veterinary clinic for any services or products and have your company reimburse you.  Some companies have exceptions to this rule in the case of large planned expenses but it is on a case by case basis determined between you and your insurance company

What do I have to tell the company?
When you sign up for pet insurance you are asked for information on your pets health care provider, most companies will request information about the pets health history.  Also they are permitted to contact your veterinary team for information pertaining to care in order to continue to provide fair and accurate coverage.

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